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Five Musical Questions For The Cast Of Grey’s Anatomy: Sara Ramirez

March 6, 2012

Cast members of ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy are preparing for a live musical celebration to benefit The Actors FundGrey’s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath the Show. The evening, set for March 18th at UCLA’s Royce Hall, will feature selected songs from last season’s Musical Event and additional music from the Grey’s Anatomy songbook. It will also examine the way music has always been an integral part of the storytelling on Grey’s, and will provide fans with a rare behind the scenes glimpse at how the show is put together.

In anticipation of the show, we asked cast members to answer a few musical questions. Here’s what Sara Ramirez (aka Callie Torres) had to say!

AF: Name your favorite Broadway or movie musical of all time. SR: Into the Woods or Passing Strange

AF: Country or rock and roll? Why? SR: I don’t have a favorite genre of music because it’s always mood dependent. But I would say it’s a toss-up between all 80s and Alternative. I tend to be very nostalgic so I love 80s music. It usually makes me want to dance, and takes me back to a more innocent time in my life. I love Alternative music because it’s usually fueled by deeper concepts that make me want to think, as well as get lost in the music.

AF: What’s on your iPod these days? SR: I have a diverse mix of music, but some examples of what I have are Goyte, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, The Cure, Adele, The Rescues, The Killers, Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Andrew Bird, Black Eyed Peas, Corinne Bailey Rae…

AF: Do you play a musical instrument? Which one(s)? SR: I took 4 years of piano when I was in my early teens, but now it takes me a while to plunk something out.

AF: Can you tell us a song you’ll be singing on March 18? SR: I can’t say that it’s set in stone yet. What do you think I should sing?

Click here to purchase tickets for March 18th’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath The Show. You will be redirected to ticketmaster.com’s website.

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