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Actors Fund NY Office Here to Help Those Affected by Sandy

October 31, 2012

New Yorkers are famously resilient, despite even the most difficult challenges. They always bounce back.

People in entertainment and performing arts are just as tough. We all know it takes guts to survive the ups and downs of this business.

We send a standing ovation to the Broadway community as they re-open for business today. The Actors Fund has been there throughout the past 130 years, to celebrate the “ups,” and help our community during the “downs.”

Case in point: Even though our website and NY Office number continue to be periodically affected by outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, we are open for business, and our staff is here to help during this very difficult time in the Tri-State region.

We’ve been receiving messages from people in need of emergency financial assistance, last-minute work, access to medical care and others who just want to help our community by making donations to assist those hurt most by the storm.

If your home or apartment was damaged in the storm and you don’t know who to contact for help; if you are without work or between gigs and have no steady income; if you are without medical insurance and in need of medical care; or if you simply are at risk with no friends or family to go to for emergency financial help – the entertainment and performing arts community can continue to reach out to us for assistance. That’s why The Actors Fund exists.

We ask you to please spread the word to friends and family who may not have internet access, and let them know The Fund is here to help:


• New York Office: 212.221.7300 ext. 119
• The Actors Fund Work Program NYC: 212.354.5480
• Chicago & Central Region: 312.372.0989
• Los Angeles & Western Region: 323.933.9244
• Alternately, you can send us a Direct Message on Twitter (@TheActorsFund) or a private message via Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheActorsFund) – all communication (including via DM and Private Message) is confidential. We’re checking our social networks regularly, and will relay your message to our social work staff to help get you the help you need.

Also, The Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic in NYC is open and operational! To find out about eligibility or to make an appointment, call 212.489.1939. 

And STAY TUNED: We’re compiling a list of additional organizations that will be helping everyone throughout the post-Sandy recovery. We’ll post the information soon!

If you’re not in the region and would like to help (or if you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been affected by the storm), please consider a donation, which will help us support people in need as Sandy’s aftermath unfolds – many won’t be able to make ends meet in the coming weeks, while others will need help repairing their homes or paying for medications and food. Until our website is back up and running, you can call any of our main numbers to donate: 212.221.7300 (NYC), 312.372.0989 (Chicago) or 323.933.9244 (LA).

Thank you to our amazing entertainment community, who is always there to support each other – and we thank our incredible donors who make our work possible.

Whether you find yourself alone and in need of help, or when you are back on the boards tonight at 8 pm – remember The Actors Fund is here for you. For everyone.

Now on with the show!

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