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Lillian Booth Actors Home Named Among Best Nursing Homes In The US

April 4, 2013

BNH_2013“I’m in awe every time I visit The Home. It’s a national treasure of talented artists under one roof — a group with so much to share with us, and with each other.” –Brian Stokes Mitchell, Chairman

The Lillian Booth Actors Home houses big talent. As Stokes says, its a unique community of individuals who have dedicated a major portion of their professional lives to performing arts and entertainment. But there’s also big talent behind the scenes, as evidenced by the recent U.S.News & World Report naming it among the best nursing homes in the country!

Our assisted living and skilled nursing care facility in Englewood, NJ received the highest-possible rating of five stars from the 2013 report. Of the 16,000 nursing homes in the US, only 3,036 received a five-star rating from the federal government (results are based on data collected from Nursing Home Compare, a website run by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

Special thanks go to our facility’s entire staff – this dedicated team of 125 people takes great great pride in providing the best care possible for our 124 residents. In this photo, front row, left to right: Omar Castano, Jesus Serrano, Maritza Bonilla, Luz Lopez, Tolgonay Agamez, Michelle Rauch, Joyce Kim, Kim Eng, Jose Lopez, Arjan Dema. Middle row, left to right: Nafi Diakebe, Miguelina Cuello, Ana Carasig, Yalile Alzate, Maria Box, Gladys Zelaya, Soo Donlin, Jessica Reial, Annmarie De Feis, Patricia Sinclair, Taida Santana. Top row, left to right: Chris Tyrell, Gary Webb, Michael Howell, Jorge Castro, John Bautista, Silvia Bravo, Linda Zimmerman, Lucy Vance Seligson, Jordan Strohl, Helen Crimmins, Richard Grant, Lucy Prettypaul, Grace Park, Nancy Gronwoldt, Nashwa Fawzy, Cesar Garcia, Igor Denisenko.

Old Jews Telling Jokes Visits The Home - 1Additionally, among the treats that make The Home extra-special are the regular visits by residents’ industry peers and volunteers who come to share their talents. Most recently, cast members from the Off-Broadway show Old Jews Telling Jokes spent an hilarious afternoon in Englewood. A huge thanks to pianist Donald Corren and actors Audrey Lynn Weston, Marilyn Sokol, Bill Army and Lenny Wolpe for sharing their laughter and love!

To learn more about The Lillian Booth Actors Home, or to download an application, click here. Our residents love performers (after all, many of them still perform)! Visit this page to contact The Home and volunteer your talents, whatever they might be!

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