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A Few Questions For: Anne Meara

May 3, 2012

The legendary comedy team and acting duo Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are set to receive The Actors Fund’s highest award, the Medal of Honor, at our May 21 Gala. In anticipation, we asked them if they would answer a few questions, and they happily obliged! We thought we’d kick things off with Anne’s responses…check back for Jerry’s answers next week!

The Actors Fund: The two of you are incredibly amazing, and have been partners—both at home and at work—for a long, long time. Any hints for the rest of us?
Anne Meara:  NO, that would be presumptuous.

AF: You both have done so many amazing things in your careers, from writing to acting, but we have to admit that we adore your Stiller & Meara act. Is there a favorite moment or host from your early appearances on shows like Ed Sullivan?
AM:  Some situations were more benign than others; I loved Steve Allen, we also did sketches with him as well.

Jerry and Anne delighted residents of The Lillian Booth Actors Home on March 8, when they stopped by to talk about their 33 appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, Anne’s play “AfterPlay,” their numerous current projects, and more.

AF: Comedy and socio/political awareness go hand-in-hand. Why do you think comedians and comedy writers are so important to society?   
AM:  I don’t answer any questions with socio/political in them… But seriously, the comedian has to point out that the Emperor is naked.  

AF: You’ve been long-time supporters of The Actors Fund. Why do you think an organization like this is so vital to our community?
AM:  Because it can help people relax and know that they’ll have a place to go to where they’ll be treated with dignity.

AF: What does it mean to you to be awarded The Actors Fund Medal of Honor?
AM:  It’s just great to be acknowledged.

AF: You made a splash on the Internet last year with your web series, which brought Stiller & Meara back for a whole new generation. Are there any more Stiller & Meara projects we can look forward to?
AM:  We loved doing that, and we love Mike Rosenstein and Edith Hagigi who produced it, and we want to do more of those…

AF: Our residents loved spending time with you at your recent visit to our Lillian Booth Actors Home in Englewood, NJ. What were your impressions of The Home?
AM:  The home was wonderful, it was like a country club and the guests that we met were really genuinely happy to be there.

For more information on our 2012 Gala honoring Harry Belafonte, Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara and David Steiner visit our webpage. See you on May 21st!

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