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Musical Questions For The Cast Of Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh

March 13, 2012

On Sunday, March 18th, cast members from ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy will gather at UCLA’s at Royce Hall to perform Grey’s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath the Show, a live musical celebration to benefit The Actors Fund. The show will include selected songs from last season’s Musical Event, music from the Grey’s Anatomy songbook, examine the way music has always been an integral part of the storytelling on Grey’s, and will provide fans with a rare behind the scenes glimpse at how the show is put together.

In anticipation of the show, we asked cast members to answer a few musical questions, and here’s what Sandra Oh (a.k.a. Cristina Yang) had to say.

Actors Fund: Name your favorite Broadway or movie musical of all time. Sandra Oh: Next to Normal.

AF: What’s your favorite genre of music? SO: This one’s very tough. Maybe I should say I’m genre-less…or poly-genre… Yeah, that’s more accurate.

AF: What’s on your iPod these days? SO: • The Pina, Drive, and Donnie Darko soundtracks. • Radiohead/Roxy Music — always. •Radiolab, This American Life.

Click here to purchase tickets for March 18th’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath The Show. You will be redirected to ticketmaster.com’s website.

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