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The Newest Podcast Has Arrived: Financial Wellness Part 3!

January 26, 2012

Podcast Series LogoThe final episode of the first Actors Fund Podcast Series is now up and available for viewing. Financial Wellness Part 3: Credit Health, featuring Nancy Johnston, shows you how to analyze your personal credit and debt profile, including how to understand your credit report and your credit score.

The episode also takes you through The Actors Fund Credit Accounts Organizer, a self-assessment tool which will give you a simplified snapshot of your pertinent credit and debt information. Credit is important in today’s world, and responsible use of credit offers many valuable options that can improve your financial life. For many people in the entertainment industry, credit is the tool that you use to ensure lifestyle continuity – in other words, paying your bills and putting food on the table when you’re in between jobs. When you use your available credit it becomes debt, which can limit your options and create undue financial pressure. This segment will not only help you to determine if you have a debt problem, but also to establish a stable method of managing your overall credit health.

You can view all seven episodes in the Podcast Series on The Actors Fund website.

The Actors Fund would like to extend special thanks to those individuals who graciously donated their time and resources to this series. Chaim Cantor, President of the New York Chapter of the IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Union, who recruited the fabulous crew: Peter Barrow, Desirée Oritz, Glynis Burke, Annette Lian-Williams, Russell Costanzo, Mitch Jacobsen, and Alyssa Trumper. The Fund also thanks scriptwriter and WGA member Halayne Eherneberg, as well our fabulous SAG actors: Diedre Goodwin, Michael Iannucci, Nancy Johnston, and Michael McCoy.

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