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The Latest Actors Fund Podcast Is Now Available – Finanical Wellness Part 1: Organizing Expenses

December 8, 2011

Podcast Series LogoThe fifth installment in The Actors Fund‘s ongoing Podcast Series begins a conversation about financial wellness, specifically money management. This eleven-minute video offers a few steps that will help you organize your expenses in order to better understand and manage your cash flow. Knowing traditional budgets are not always flexible enough for those in the entertainment and performing arts industry, creating a good template for a basic month of expenditures is a tremendously helpful tool to have in order to plan for a financial cushion to help you through the dry spells. There’s even a budget outflow worksheet you can download to get you on your way to developing a positive, healthy relationship with money. After all, taking care of your money is just a regular part of taking care of yourself.

This episode features SAG and Actors’ Equity member Nancy Johnston, who you’ve seen on Broadway in The Secret GardenThe Music Man, and Elf, as well nationally in countless regional theatre productions and as Hold Me Touch Me in The Producers First National Tour. “The Actors Fund pulled me out of the fire on three occasions,” says Nancy. “Whenever I’m in a show and the time comes to raise money for The Fund, I always volunteer to spearhead those campaigns. And when Tim Pinckney called me about this project, I said, ‘Oh yes, what hoop can I jump through for you!’ It comes right back — it’s paying it forward.”

The rest of The Actors Fund Podcast Series is available on our website. And check back for our next installment!

The Actors Fund would like to extend special thanks to those individuals who graciously donated their time and resources to this series. Chaim Cantor, President of the New York Chapter of the IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Union, who recruited the fabulous crew: Peter Barrow, Desirée Oritz, Glynis Burke, Annette Lian-Williams, Russell Costanzo, Mitch Jacobsen, and Alyssa Trumper. The Fund also thanks scriptwriter and WGA member Halayne Eherneberg, as well our fabulous SAG actors: Diedre Goodwin, Michael Iannucci, Nancy Johnston, and Michael McCoy. Visit http://www.actorsfund.org to learn more about the series and to view the latest podcast.

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